Are you ready for 4g Technology in 2012?

As owner of some emerging 4g properties, I wonder what future do I have with my properties in 2012? Should I build them, sell them or hold them?
Here is a list of my 4g properties:
(voice over 4G) May be the final step in 4G or LTE progression. Vo4g may provide a solution for a single standard across nations for voice and devices. may be one of the best 4g domain  properties. Currently using this property for a 4g telematics blog. Want to keep using for my blog.
time division duplex.
tdlte is gaining across
the world.
4g and cloud are 2 of the hottest technologies for 2012 and beyond.
Coming on strong
Very popular
  4G technologies can boost healthcare in parts of the world where landline Internet is not as fast. Huge growth for 4g telemedicine.

Any thoughts? 
Can this happen, it is starting too!
Mike Favale
Tellcar Innovations, LLC
coming soon

my 4g blog

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