FCC Green-Lights Globalstar for Rural WiMAX

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FCC Green-Lights Globalstar for Rural WiMAX

Rich Tehrani has a must-read post today about technology and the opportunity for an Obama administration to embrace tech like no previous administration.
One of the things Rich highlights is Obama's pledge to maintain an open Internet and ensure that broadband gets into the hands of rural Americans.
Well as this TMC Newsroom video report shows, the FCC has approved a modified license proposal from Globalstar, paving the way for the California-based satellite Internet operator to deploy WiMAX-based wireless broadband services to more rural communities across the United States.
According to Jay Monroe, CEO and chairman of Globalstar:
"Those living in underserved small towns and rural communities will, for the first time, have access to services that urban and suburban residents and small businesses now take for granted. FCC action is an important step in closing the digital divide in America.
The FCC hopes to support WiMAX-based wireless broadband coverage in 546 rural communities by 2013.

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