Taking a Deeper Look at the Clearwire Deal -- Again

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Taking a Deeper Look at the Clearwire Deal -- Again

With the shareholder approval finally taken care of, the massive deal to build a new nationwide WiMax network under the Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) name can (finally!) now begin in earnest. While those of us who have been following the events over the past year know pretty much what is on Clearwire's immediate to-do list, for those who are playing catch-up may we suggest you order the new, updated version of our WiMax report, which includes a comprehensive study of the "new" Clearwire WiMax deal and its $3.2 billion of investment from a group that includes Google, Comcast, Intel and Time Warner Cable.

When you read the report you will learn:

-- The new opportunities and challenges for Clearwire's national focus, which is a departure from previous plans

-- The motivations for Google's $500 million investment, which go beyond business goals for search and mobility to include public-policy goals

-- Why the big telcos, AT&T and Verizon, may not see WiMax as a prime competitor (even as they step up marketing and lobbying efforts to make life harder for WiMax)

-- Why cable providers like Comcast may be looking to WiMax to expand their user footprint beyond its current regulatory limits

The report also contains a WiMax technical and historical backgrounder, as well as an updated look at the WiMax business opportunities for enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs in markets including mobile Internet businesses, software development, and mobile device manufacturing. Titled "Game On, WiMax! Why the "new" Clearwire gives WiMax its best chance at success in the U.S. marketplace," the new report is available for immediate download from our website.

This new version of the report (updated this month) also includes a separate 12-page focus on Clearwire's wireless spectrum assets, a report that was previously sold separately. Together, the new WiMax report package from Sidecut Reports represents the most up-to-date and thorough examination of the motivations behind the investments and the combination of WiMax assets from Sprint Nextel and Clearwire Corp. to form the "new" Clearwire.

So what's next for Clearwire? We haven't heard any details yet, but it is still our guess that there will be a big marketing push behind WiMax at the CES 2009 show in Vegas in early January -- Sin City, after all, is where Clearwire is supposed to be launching one of its WiMax networks soon, so it would seem to be a great place and time to tell the world more about the new way to use wireless broadband.

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