White Space in the White Mountains

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White Space in the White Mountains

When you get away from the yellow spots on a map, the odds are likely you are going to be confronted with very little to watch on TV.    Three stations and one cable affiliate station does not make for a competitive environment.  The utilization of white space spectrum should allow for rural areas to have some advantages when trying to avoid interference.

Now the question is, will that be how White Space gets deployed.  Will the product lines developed for white space be products with out a service provider model?   Some friends I had who lived in glen of the mountain and was one of 30 houses on a road next to the stream is the terrain I think of when thinking about this technology.

Sometimes you could watch the morning fog hide their home and the mountain top was clear other times the clouds would look like a sombero shadowing the mountain.  Woods, clouds, mountains, lakes and streams make for difficult antenna strategies and we may see a lot of adjunct antennas being sold to support the use of white space spectrum in different situations.  Kansas, Rocky Mountains, White Mountains of New Hampshire, probably have a lot of trial and error ahead.

It may be that local integrators become established that allow the homes to mesh, more likely we will still a service provider model.

My own personal view is that the service would be a great business for those local stations to augment their business.  But it takes a while for groups to get into the if you cant beat them join them mode.

One thing I am not sure I like is the idea of an ICANN for white spaces.  If its an issue of having addressing, I would like to see IPv6 be the model for the deployment.

So while the technology has been approved there is a white space on the board of how it will be deployed.

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