Is Evolution just a slower form of Revolution?

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Is Evolution just a slower form of Revolution?

Today's Wall Street Journal warns about the issues facing Clearwire in building out there nationwide network.  The question of their readily available of $3.2B capital and whether they will need to put in two or three more times that to roll out nationwide.

Ben Wolfe indicated he was willing to grow based on revenue in a scaled down approach if the markets were not available to him, and the possibility of selling spectrum was hinted at.

I am not sure if Clearwire can have the same strategy as some of the nationwide fiber networks had of selling off portions of the spectrum to fund their own deployment, but recently people have been talking to me about shared spectrum strategies.  Mostly about White space, but we can make the case for these kind of strategies for Clearwire. 

Remember also the investors intend to use Clearwire as a wholesaler / whitelabel for some of their product. That could be another way to access capital and grow without impacting the capital.

All of this said still begs the question?  What is the window of opportunity for WiMAX?  Massive roll out ahead of the LTE deployments of Verizon and ATT or tactical and slower deployments based on market driven opportunities?

Clearwire representatives like Shawn Molodow who will speak at our event sounds very agressive.  But like a Texas Holdem game the river card is where the pay off occurs.

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