It's Clear and out of the Xohm!

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It's Clear and out of the Xohm!

The press conference celebrating the completion of the Clearwire deal made news on a number of fronts  The first was that Xohm was gone. The new name is "Clear", which is at least that when it comes to spelling.

No longer waiting to be free, CEO Ben Wolff explained that the company was going to deliver an Open network that had the benefit of more spectrum than their competitiors combined.

The more amazing turn of events was the discussion that LTE Advanced maybe in the cards for Clearwire afterall.  This was also hedged by the selling of dual mode 3G / 4G WiMAX devices sometimes next year with Sprint.
While the difference between WiMAX and LTE Advance is minor the statement that LTE can be part of their future is a concession that they may not be able to deliver the WiMAX mobility devices at the price points they want.

While the vision is much like the announcements of Level 3 in the late 90s, the 3.2 Billion investment comes from their investors who intend to wholesale their services Brighthouse, Comcast, Google, Intel, Sprint, and Time Warner.
What should be particularly interesting is the possibility of Google Android devices that are not specifically phones.

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