What does it say about Patents

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What does it say about Patents

Adaptix filed against Clearwire / Sprint on the subject of the WiMAX patents. 

I do not know enough about the case to be useful and the history of infringement has lots of legitimate complaints, but in general when a vendor sues a service provider the relationship is strained.

Their have been some great patents associated with some dog products.  In my brief history on remote access I was very impressed with how Alcatel-Lucent kept acquiring all the good patents from companies that were clever but could not survive. (Does anyone remember Farallon?)

My sense is that Adaptix has put itself in play with this patent lawsuit.  If they relationship is strainged and they are not the vendor of choice, assuming no malice, the patents are more valuable then the product. 

On the other hand, it may be that Adaptix has a legitimate concern that can be addressed with the proper attention.

My own hope is this gets resolved soon.

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