Day 1: 4GWE Preview

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Day 1: 4GWE Preview

Next week at this time, the discussions will be about the future of policy and protocols in wireless communications.

Here is a preview of Monday's sessions

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Fanny Mlinarsky and Brough Turner will start our morning off with a historical discussion about the wireless industry.  From cellular to unlicensed this tutorial intends to be inclusive of the spectrum of wireless solutions that can be used to deliver our next generation of wireless abilities.

Jim Baller will be giving us the vision of the Broadband Forum as they impact the Administration's plans to stimulate the economy with new jobs and the opportunity to impact the production of goods and services in the US.

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Policy discussions turn to the issues of spectrum and net neutrality. Moderated by Glenn Richards, Todd Daubert and Rick Whitt will be sharing their expectation about problems for policy makers in the next four years.

Meanwhile the tutorial will be exploring the Wireless Ethernet in all its 802 glory including WiFi, and WiMAX.

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The use of WiMAX particularly in rural areas will be the discussion that is lead by Paul Kapustka with the people supporting the rural rollouts including Charles "Chip" Spann, Robert Mazer, and Chip Gaskins.

At this point of the Tutorial the LTE Advanced vs. WiMAX discussion should also be giving us insight into why the 700 MHz reuse will be dominated by LTE.

Following the Rural discussion about getting broadband to the places where the last mile is not connected will be a discussion about connecting the broadband that exists to the wireless devices that needed at your home.  This is done using Femtocells and the question remains who is going to deploy them and how?  Is this a strategy that makes the quad play viable for cable, wireless, or other operators?  Or is it something that be built independently.  Barlow Keener will moderate a group that includes Daniel Hess, Stephen Vincent and Catherine Trebnick.

The broad lessons then focus on the applications side of the equation.  What makes applications make broadband wireless compelling and how should we expect it to be delivered.

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On the policy side the discussion turns to the issue of definition and not trying to force fit the old definitions into the next generation of communication networks. Brita Strandberg leads a discussion about the rules and regulations that can slow the growth of our expanding productivity.

Letting go of the old and delivering something new will be the next part of the tutorial as the discussion of White Space explains what the history and hope is for new services using this ability.

At the end of the day we all gather for a discussion of the White Space as the Great White Hope.  The Tabula Rosa of the Internet is waiting for the rules to be stated so that companies can determine if it's a product, service of some other play for the future.  Sunil Daluvoy of Google will start us off.

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