Day 3: The Application Imperative

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Day 3: The Application Imperative

Day 3:  The Applications Imperative
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I have heard it said that the message is the media!  So it's fitting that we will look into the importance of video to kick off the final day of the 4GWE Conference.  "TV Dichotomy, Over the Top Versus on the Internet" will be moderated by Eric Burger and will feature Anatoli Levine from Radvision and Jim Machi from Dialogic. This session will explore the question "does communication and entertainment join each other over the top, in the IP stream and into your device, or do they stay separated in delivery".  This will be an interesting discussion.

Girish Pathak.jpgOf course, the delivery of these 4G applications can be done via the end points or through application delivery systems.  Bill Kelly of TelcoBridges, Joe Mele of Dialogic and Girish Pathak of ITE Services will be talking about how platforms and the 2.0 applications blend together in a 4G World in the session titled "How do you deliver Wireless Applications in a 4G World" This session will explore the Service Delivery Creation environments that a service provider will have to support in order to deliver and support 4G applications

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If applications are going to be so numerous, will specialized devices become the norm?   Like a tool belt to a carpenter will 4G wireless connectivity be everywhere and everything?   Will "any to any" finally be an accurate portrayal of what devices we will use? .  Or will Mobile Internet Devices be chameleon devices that will adapt to the application that is running?  Clearwire's Shawn Molodow Patrick Scannell will be showing us the viral opportunity when the Wireless Broaband becomes part of our day-to-day lives. This session is titled "The Road Ahead for Device Design".

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And if the applications are connected in new ways what does it mean for Interconnection?  Should we expect wireless service providers to exchange information freely, what models will apply to video, HD Voice and other media centric applications?  That will be the question answered by Kevin Mitchell of Acme Packet, Chris Drake of Neustar, Carlos Da Silva of France Telecom and Jan Larsson of TeliaSonera in the session titles "The New Rules for Wireless Peering".

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At lunch Tom Howe, will facilitate an unconference session. All participants in this session will identify and throw out topics for the meeting. The group will "agenda bash" and set up a session schedule to answer some intriguing questions. This will be a lively, fun lunch session. 

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The last session of the conference brings us to the point where money talks.  Monetizing the Vision will feature Matthew Growney of Rudyard Partners and Catherine Trebnick of Avian Securities. The discussion will focus on how the industry will need to balance risk and reward to be successful in the evolving 4G marketplace.

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