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WhiteSpace LandGrab

When Google's Rick Whitt said that Whitespace is "WiFi on steroids" he may have been more prophetic than he realized.

Following the FCC's approval of the use of Whitespace,  the debate over what standards should be developed and applied to the use of this spectrum  continues.   Similar to the 700 MHZ spectrum ,  which will become available when DTV finally shifts, the white space strategy can use a variety of protocols and perhaps a new one.

It's also possible to tweak existing solutions to match the space.  At the IEEE standards meetings this week the WiFI folks out number the WiMAX types, in the discussion of the White Space.

It may be that we see some preempt rollouts with existing WiFi in the near future.

My own thoughts are that WiMAX would do well to embrace the use of Unlicensed spectrum at this point of its life cycle.

WiMAX has been beaten in the press lately, but it's not a technological discussion as much as it a philosophical / business one.    WiMAX fixed is alive and well in the rest of the world, so it is Mobile WiMAX that has received the bad press.i For WiMAX, supporting mobility with the help of White Space could be the best story of the day.

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