The Soft Truth about the Hardware.

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Carl Ford
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The Soft Truth about the Hardware.

When ever I talk to application developers about communications solutions the discussion about the web versus the phone developers is emphasized.  Millions of Web developers compared to a few thousands of phone specific developers.   The point being that of course the innovation is with the web.
If you look under the hood the chips inside for the web are the same on your PC. If the developers start on a PC Chip, it's kind of logical to expect that devices built on PC Chips have a head start.

It also means a shift in the way to look at innovation.  For example, if you have a new codec developed in software that you built on a pc Chip and the cost to go to market, start a trial are incremental if the devices are also pc chips.

Ultimately, innovation then is not about the store, it's just about the Internet

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