Open Source Net Neutrality via Google

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Open Source Net Neutrality via Google

Just in Time for wireless broadband to start playing out Google has started the M Lab and M stands for Measurement of your connectivity.  The beauty of this place is not in the tools, many of which have existed for some time but the gathering point for the information.

It has its own blog, and I would suggest that it is a good spot for network engineers everywhere to gain perspective.

However, this is not a Wheatstone bridge.  Being able to tell you are being throttled is not necessarily telling you who is throttling you. What it does it tells you there is smoke (if you were looking for the fire).

This is just the beginning for this site. 

It may be that alternative service providers find this place to be a source for third party corroboration.

As the edge delivers applications it may be the best place to look at where problems occur.

I am somewhat disappointed that it does not have a cloud component or a widget available.

However, it's a starting point and as the wireless network moves to IP in our 4G world, I am sure we are going to need tools like this.

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