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Carl Ford
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Here in Vegas, I have been doing interviews with a variety of companies and talking with friends. 

One observation I have is that it may be that all 10M iPhones are on the floor here.  I am shocked how many people have an iPhone.  They may not partner with Apple, but they certainly are impacted by it. 

Skypes annoucement yesterday of its iPhone application was just icing on iPhone's cake.  Their party celibrated their being number 1 in the app store and the promise of coming to the blackberry. 

An Interesting story, is that Skype can make a wifi call but not a 3G call.

So who is more important in this story today?  Skype or Apple?

The reason I ask is because of the best conversations I have been having asks the question does the App Store represent the future?

What does it represent to the future. 

As the issues about open networking get blurred between the carriers and handsets manufacturers, the need for the Wireless Carterphone decision is apparent.

And based on the number of iPhones I saw here, I am sure the carriers get the issue.  Now can they embrace the change?

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