Terre Star's Satellite Solutions

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Terre Star's Satellite Solutions

EB Software (Elektrobit Corporation) and Terre Star demoed a prototype satellite phone that was dual mode with cellular.  It raised some interesting questions for me.  Unlike the expensive satellite phones of other companies, this was an incredibly elegant footprint, about the size of any other smartphone, with all the normal bells and whistles. 

This system is the right size for the future and it's a guiding light in the path ahead for devices in the future and makes it hard for nomads to not be available. This phone will allow users to seamlessly and securely stay connected to both the satellite and terrestrial components of the TerreStar network.

Additionally, the system takes advantage of a roaming relationship with ATT to provide an augmented footprint.  The design can be white labeled and has value in a number of situations including vertical markets. It supports video and has low power constraints. 

Terre Star is building North America's first 4G IP-enabled, next generation mobile communications network over an integrated satellite-terrestrial system. TerreStar expects to be the first to offer customer-designed products and applications over a fully optimized 4G IP network.

EB is a company of 1700 employees, and is a leading developer of embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries. Working across the wireless value chain, EB is currently creating a Mobile Internet Device (MID) reference design - based on Intel's next generation MID platform, codenamed "Moorestown" and Ericsson's built-in mobile broadband technology.

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