Should Cable even be in the 4G Discussion

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Should Cable even be in the 4G Discussion

A good friend who works with cable operators posed that question to me as we talked about the stimulus.  Right now I have been quiet about alot of this because the speculation has been more or less valuable. 

The Stimulus for telecom has a cascade of decisions that have to occur and while I know of friends with an inside track, I don't think my talking about their activities is helpful.

But this question is a sound one.  The reason is because of the definition of broadband is being set.  100 MB happens to be the preferred capacity in most discussions, but cable operators like 50 MB as their preferred unit of measure.

As Cablevision rolls out its public WiFi the question of integration to home solutions can they gain access to stimulus strategies. Now combine that with the ability to use White Space and you have a 4G network opportunity.

Let's be inclusive.  It will work out in the long run.

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