Apple Peals - Bob Borchers leaves.

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Apple Peals - Bob Borchers leaves.

Yesterday Bob Borchers informed the world that he was going to Opus Capital Ventures.  The Opus website says "Early-stage venture investing is what we like to do. And we're good at it. The team at Opus Capital has been active in the seed and Series A funding of technology companies for more than 20 years, having invested in such companies as Airgate PCS, EFI, Galileo and Harmonic at their very early stages."  Borchers experience is definitely the valued proposition for Opus.  Perhaps their is an Internet App market that is vendor neutral in our future as a result. 

As for Apple.

I keep getting told that Steve Job has made a legacy group that survives him, but the departure of Borcher and Rubinstein indicate some shake up is happening. Is this about the internal politics of Apple, has Steve's heirs been selected and that is why the departure? Or is it true that "these opportunities were too good".

Regardless of how good they are the impact to Apple has to be considered.  When a person leaves a team can be strengthened, When a team breaks up and you lose more than one person what normally happens is the individuals start thinking about their own needs.

After these departures, I am sure the premiere head hunters are smelling opportunity.

So how sure should we be that Apple will stay on top of their game?

If you read me regularly, you know that I am not an Apple fan, however the departures are survivable to me.

I am not an analyst,  but if I were I would not be ready to short Apple.  I would not be a buyer either.


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