Cisco 4G is about Video

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Cisco 4G is about Video

I had a talk with Kittur Nagesh Director Marketing at Cisco Systems about the Clearwire Cisco announcement.  It was an interesting discussion that was not specifically about the Navini product line within Cisco but the overall ability to contribute to the products and services. 

We are at a critical point in the WiMAX certification phase where products are being set up that will deliver new solutions.  It will mean the shelves should be filled at your local retailers with solutions that offer WiMAX.  I am not sure that these devices are going to be the equivalent of DSL/Cable Modem router.

I think we are going to see more interesting solutions.  A great example of this view that Cisco has that Video is going to make 4G more compelling.  Cisco predicts that about 64% of the traffic by 2013.  For this to happen an expansion of devices that support video in a variety of ways will have to be prevalent.

Cisco's commercials show their Telepresence, Webex services, but the best may be the video connectivity which should include HD Video.

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