What's Good for GM is Good for Ed Whitacre, Jr.

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What's Good for GM is Good for Ed Whitacre, Jr.

First of all a personal note, Ed Whitacre and my father were friends, so I have never stated an opinion about Ed, despite my affiliation with people who did not like him.

But the story here is one beyond the man, but by the government that chose him.  Ed Whitacre is a very logical choice if you consider what he was doing at ATT/SBC and what he has to do now.

First of all, his role as a Union Negotiator is pretty well understood.  And the IBEW, CWA is proabably as close to coping with the UAW as you can get.

He has history of trying to do the most with the least (his plant upgrade strategy was loved by wall street), so I am sure that the big plans that some of us hope for electronic cars and visionary thinking will now be safely in check.

Likewise he has a history of consolidating things and making it so that he stays on top, so if GM is acquired he wont mind a bit.

In the last few days the story about Hummer and Saturn being sold were leaked out and I am not sure if they were approved of by the primary owner.

And that certainly the best thing Ed is known for,  managing Washington.  So the man may have been picked for that specific job.

This administration is not short on vision, but the team is showing the fact that they are stretched beyond their means.  I expect that Ed will bring a sense of stability to the discussion.  I also expect some Telecom lawyers / lobbyists are going to find a new home. 

For the telecom sector as the battle about Special Access and InterCarrier Compensation continue to drag on perhaps it will be easier to find a solution with less of our brethern focused on telecom (unless OnStar has an issue).

Good Luck Ed,  If you are good for GM you have to be good for the country because its no longer whats good for GM is good for the country its whats good for the country is a good GM.

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