Wireless Backhaul LTE - Lots of Transport Equipment

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Wireless Backhaul LTE - Lots of Transport Equipment

Susan Campbell in her discussion of LTE brought up some of the realities we are facing as Verizon leads the pack of deployers.  The cell sites are probably going to increase as the deployment will show the realities of IP service delivery on a wireless network. 

Some friend are reversing the trend in wireless backhaul.  It use to be that 80% of the transport was radio and 20% fiber,  These days the LTE switch is to be fiber and particularly Metropolitan Area Ethernet.  So as we move forward this trend is promising adequate bandwidth at the core. 

But the base stations are expanding to accomdate the traffic and the concerns about MIMO as the access.

Its these changes we are looking to highlight with the Wireless Backhaul awards .  My expectation is that we are running down a similar path to when Fiber gained the power of DWDM. I have a friend who claims that the collapse of the telecom industry at the beginning of this century was a result of the pricing models being eroded by the excess capacity of bandwidth.

So the realities of service as learned in the implementing and testing of the wireless backhaul network is important bellweather for us to look at right now.

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