4GWE: Beyond the Phone: Mobile Internet Devices

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4GWE: Beyond the Phone: Mobile Internet Devices

Beyond the Phone: Mobile Internet Devices

Tuesday - 09/01/09,  9:00-10:15am

Mobile Internet Devices will enable exciting new applications for the broadband consumer. How will smartphones and netbooks change the way we work and play. What are the major differences between these two categories of devices and will they eventually blend into one type of device? What unique services will MID's provide access to? How will "WiMAX ready" MID's accelerate mobile broadband demand? How quickly will these devices be adopted and what impact will they have on demand for 4G Wireless Services?

Scott Snyder starts us off with the discussion about where the start of the market and the challenges that Devices, Networks and Applications have in working together.  

He asked the key questions of the speakers, including the question, what distinguishes devices in the future and what are the business models of the future.

In Europe Netbook sales are 50% through the carriers, the question is that the model that will continue.

Mark Pecen the CTO of RIM then gave us the guidance we gain from history including the the lessons of MTS. 

The 1st generation the 2nd generation lessons in deployment.  He reminded us that SMS was actually developed as a station message indicator for Voice Mail, and now it represents 20% of Vodafone's revenue.

In 2001 is when GPRS, and EDGE started enabling the data network. 

"How to define a smartphone?"

The answer is it does a lot of stuff and much of it is related.  Calendering with phone contacts, messaging with locations, location based services.  It all about communication in someway.

Patrick Scannell, from Clearwire then talked about Mobile Internet Devices, WiFi won the marketplace because the cost of the WiFi chips were so cheap relative to the cost of the machine.

The issue is the cost of the chipsets in relation to the cost of the device has been the driver to the embedding of communication in other applications.

Connecting an any to any world is the goal from an end users perspective.

So a MID has a requirement to be any to any in applications as well.

Shawn Molodow also from Clearwire talked about the role of providing wholesale solutions via WiMAX like the Kindle. 

A mobile Internet device still does not exist since the dual mode requirement points to the fact that the network is not  capable of delivering end to end services.

Consumers are very price driven, the ability to deliver the solutions that match their requirements.

WiMAX certification is going to be the only requirement for verification on the Clearwire network in the future. No walled garden needed once the WiMAX forum will certified.

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