Over The Top ViDEO WINS...

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Over The Top ViDEO WINS...

It may be that usage based services are just to hard to implement and the carriers are going to face increasing demand for over the top Video.  With the sale of the 700 MHz spectrum to ATT by Qualcomm the MediaFlo solution has departed, but the data demand includes over 20% for Video on demand services.

ATT intends to use the spectrum for carrier aggregation.  Carrier Aggregation is a strategy that allows the mixing of traffic between HSPA and LTE.  It’s real value is in overcoming some of the legacy systems lack of Internet technology support.  So we can say in a very real way Internet Video won over the solution that MediaFlo represented.

Now the question that we should ask is just a foreshadowing of things to come.  As Netflix begins its renegotiation with the industry it faces the pressures of the cable operators, HBO and other production companies looking to maximize their value.

It’s important to also recognize that deals like Comcast with NBC Universal are pending and indicate that content may indeed be claiming its throne again.

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