China Mobile in Flux

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China Mobile in Flux

The worlds largest Mobile Operator seems to be going through a major purge, with police investigations and executive resignations.  I am not sure what to make of it.

I find China Mobile a major wild card in the world market since they are committed to TD LTE and have been assisting other players around the world to follow them.

I am not sure if this a pull back on that policy or an internal issue.  The new chairman, Xi Guohua, is a loyal party member and this could be more about the local structure than the Internationalizing of China standards.

I have had discussions with brilliant financial friends who have discounted my thoughts about the impact of chinese standards on the rest of us.  However, the reality is that Huawei is delivering solutions cheaper to the current carriers and China Mobile is delivering services in mass to the point where they are a market. 

Becoming incremental with a chinese market leader could save billions for many carriers hence the alliance with Clearwire.
China Mobile

China Mobile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)e with Clearwire.

The stock market sees China Mobile as a cash cow.  I see the potential for them to be thought leaders in an expanded market beyond their own.
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