Facebook: You Still Can Judge Them by Their Cover

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Facebook: You Still Can Judge Them by Their Cover

So if you want to be excited by Facebook they are going to take a page of GoogleAds and make a Facebook network of ads outside of their site.

So now not only will I feel violated by their ability to be my security login with other sites, but I will be paranoid about the ads that pop up while i am on other sites.

This stock is going to launch and I am going to having something more to kvetch about to a world in love with the experience.

Derrick Harris of Gigaom touches the subject very handily, but at the end of the day, I feel we are off topic.  Talking about ad dollars and privacy is like talking about sexuality and church.  They may seem to be on the same subject but ultimately they generate different decisions.

Like Church believing in Privacy on Facebook requires faith.  As people are forced to reveal information in order to belong the experience can be pretty cult like.  And for many its their whole world.

However as the fanatism of faith in the system continues the good will may fade.

As ads become tailored to the viewers, the insertion of ads can become intrusive and unwelcome.  So Facebook can lose the goodwill of others and become very unsexy very quickly.

I am not sure what comes next, but I hope it does something more than repeat the intrusions of the past.


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