WebRTC Demostrations...if Only we had a Carrier Category

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WebRTC Demostrations...if Only we had a Carrier Category

It's always interesting to see when your expectations are exceeded.  The WebRTC demos were a huge success and more importantly were live.  When we first talked about the demos our expectations were that we were going to see a lot of lab work.  Things that had been tinkered with and brought out to discuss but not ready for prime time.

The reality is that WebRTC has some growing to do, but we are looking at implementations with real code. Many of the participants are true netizens and deserve honorable mention just because they contributed back to the open source community.

One place I was particularly impressed were the implementations that would match well into carrier implementations.

Thrupoint and Acme Packet demonstrations made me aware that the enterprise to carrier SIP Trunking implementations were going to be impacted by WebRTC.

Crocodile, like Acme, pointed to IMS, but showed a mobile implementation that connected to Rich Communication Services and could be part of a carrier's Joyn implementation.

Bottom line is WebRTC is coming out of the gate not just as an over the top solution, but as part of carrier implementations in the near future.

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