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Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World - RCS

Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) has historically meant any kind of service beyond voice where the service provider could charge an additional fee....

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You Can Get Fired for Choosing Dropbox: A True Story

An MSP is contacted by a publicly traded company looking for help managing their IT. When the MSP goes to the company...

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Open Source Software and NFV

Early this year, Dialogic commissioned STL Partners to find out more about how service providers view open source software in their networks.  I’ve...

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Research Firms Missed Again on UC

MarketsandMarkets states that the UCaaS market size is expected to grow from USD 17.35 Billion in 2016 to USD 28.69 Billion...

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End of Messaging?

Chetan Sharma has been discoursing on what he calls the “4th wave of mobile communications” for some time.  And I’ve commented on some...

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Robocalls Call for Service Provider Intervention

Robocalls have been getting quite a bit of ink lately in the United States.  Robocalls are those annoying auto-dialer calls you may...

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Talari Adds Firewall, Features to SD-WAN solution

SD-WAN is another one of those growth areas in tech which often goes unnoticed. Some time back I went to visit Talari...

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