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Dear Apple, Calm down.

June 16, 2009

The new iPhone 3GS has been declared sold out by Apple as it continues to take orders.  Perhaps they have adopted the record industry method of counting retail inventory as sold rather than available.  Whatever is going on its a very disturbing methodology and perhaps is an over reaction to Rubenstein's defection to Palm. 

The company has been so good for so long making it look like Steve was in total control, the fact that the emperor's clothes are fraying right now is disturbing.

Everyone likes the new price points.  I myself and thinking of expanding my owner ship of Apple gear, (though my Linux gear is non-existent right now and Ubuntu would give me access to some interesting mobile OS strategies.)

But the issue is that Wall Street is playing with stock based on the chatter.  Watching CNBC I have gotten Apple advise every fifteen minutes (or at least it has felt that way).

I want to buy technology for its value to me, not based on artificial stock manipulation.  And as we know from Kramer's past, Apple is a darling to play with.  I am hoping that the noise out of Cupertino calms down soon.

India - Tech Centers and guess what #1 Trend they want

June 16, 2009

Mobile Apps!

Looking at the Times of India (a good place to read to get away from the skew of US politics but perhaps hard for those who are used to a more US centric view).  One of the lead articles is on the tech center build outs going on in India. 

What are the trends will fill those offices?
  1) Mobile Applications
  2) Green Energy
  3) Green Lighting
  4) Global Positioning Systems
  5) Next Generation Networks
  6) Green Mobile
  7) Netbooks
  8) New Interfaces
  9) Content Delivery
10) High Definition TV

Most interesting is the fact that the story is no longer outward facing.  The article highlights the 400M mobile subscribers internal to India. Also highlighted is the use of SMS with ecommerce, Widgets and the mobile web.  The expectation is that SMS spam will be a big problem as well.

Saying all that the trend on the phone in India is take advantage of its recent upgrades to 3G made the 41st country to get 3G (though they consciously want to catch up to Japan and Korea in their WiMAX and LTE rollouts).

The best part of the discussion was the topic of the Set Top box offering WiFi access to the HD Video it was receiving.  Interesting concept and makes the Femto disucssion alot more interesting.

HD Video Samsung and Radvision Gear up for the Next Wave

June 15, 2009

Lots of talk about HD these days and I have been waiting for this announcement to put in my own two cents.

My personal view point is that HD Voice needs HD Video to lead the way. 

The first reason is that HD voice has very little chance of gaining new revenue.  Video Conferencing is becoming a very fertile marketplace.  It can blame the user generated content side for some of it, but the bigger picture is the bandwidth is becoming available globally.

So the ability to use presence with HD Video is huge and will eventually hit the tipping point for migration.  I am not saying that every call will be a video call, but at some point in our lives our goal will be to accept video as easily as we pick up a call.

So the VC240 product by Samsung a world leader in HD TV sets with the communications suite of Radvision is a great combo that should be considered in strategies for collaborative services.

The FVNO A New Role for Virgin with Sprint

June 15, 2009

Scanning the news on our site the announcement by Jim Patterson of Sprint that Wholesale Femtocells were a possibility gave me a great cause for speculation. 

What if Virgin Mobile took the challenge of providing a Virgin Mobile Femto?

What would that mean at the home?  A service that had unlimited ringtones?
An improved music player strategy that include private events?  I started to see some signs of genius here, when it came to hearing a difference in the femto model.  And in Virgin's case it could be bundled with a pay as you go model.

By in large femtocells often come across as a pretty strange beast to me.  Built for the carrier unlike a WiFi device in your house, but supposedly something you want to pay for.  Dual Mode phones are clearly popular (even though it prays for security to be missing)  so when does the femtocell become compelling?

Better coverage in your home, that pushes the landline out of their, but you need to keep a DSL or Cable Modem?  Feels like a stretch to me.

But bring in the idea of an MVNO with Femtocells and now it has some real legs, like the battle that rages in France with triple play set top boxes from Free and all the Thomson customers.


Acronym Decipher
MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator
FVNO - Femtocell Virtual Network Operator

Introducing the 'Clearwire NTK' Research Series -- Deep Insight for Less Than $5

June 13, 2009

Welcome to the June, 2009 installment of our "Clearwire Need To Know," or Clearwire NTK, Research Series. The NTK Series provides quarterly updates on all things related to Clearwire Corp.'s nascent WiMax services, including market launches, pricing schemes, WiMax device availability and recent business deals from the company building a nationwide WiMax network. The Clearwire NTK reports are designed to give anyone interested in Clearwire the most thorough and up-to-date package of news, analysis and short-term outlooks available, in a format designed for easy reading.

Much more comprehensive than short blog posts -- and much more timely and economic than thousand-dollar traditional analyst reports -- our Clearwire NTK reports are "right-sized research" for busy professionals who want to stay as current as possible on all things Clearwire. If you are interested in Clearwire, here is everything you NEED TO KNOW, ready for you to order and download directly from our site.

Topping out at just over 3,000 words -- like those good old feature stories that most tech publishers don't have the space or author experience to provide any more, each of our Clearwire NTK reports are available in form factors designed for your convenience, from PDF downloads for your desktop, laptop or netbook, or in formats suitable for reading on your Kindle bookreader or iPhone.

Jim Crowe and Dan Hesse

June 12, 2009

  The Wall Street Journal reported that Level 3 and Sprint are in talks. And while a lot of the commentary will be negative, I have to admit I think it is synergistic. First of all the realities; Level 3 had a head chopping moment about a year ago where good people that were paid reasonably well were cut by pay grade and not by performance. Some of them have landed elsewhere others are still in transition.  At the time I thought it was positioning the company for acquisition and I thought a customer was already in mind other than Sprint. Level 3 has had some interesting services based on their customer's needs and between their relationships with Amazon and its cloud network and Akamai and others in the video world they were finding new uses for the network that were valuable. On the VoIP voice side, as a supplier they were pretty firm with their pricing models and while I considered them too pricey for some of the stuff I was asking them. However,  combined with the 911 support services they were offering many retail VoIP solutions found them useful.  Sprint likewise found a niche in supporting the cable operators as they need transport of telecom traffic and some form of triple play services. Of course the major goal was not to work with Sprint but not to work with the incumbent which helped justify the separation from the ILEC (now called Embarq). Dan Hesse was at Embarq before coming back into the Sprint fold and he has successfully managed the finishing touches on the Clearwire strategy.   (Has anyone noticed that the Palm Pre supports WiMAX?). Some of the commentary has been negative on a 51% newco strategy that would take assets from Level3 and Sprint. Remember Wholesale LD requires volume, so combined they may move into the second position for wholesale minutes. Personally, if Sprint finds a way to be the Berkshire Hathaway of Telecom, more power to them.    

Dear Clearwire, Reach me @home.

June 12, 2009

Cisco 4G is about Video

June 12, 2009

I had a talk with Kittur Nagesh Director Marketing at Cisco Systems about the Clearwire Cisco announcement.  It was an interesting discussion that was not specifically about the Navini product line within Cisco but the overall ability to contribute to the products and services. 

We are at a critical point in the WiMAX certification phase where products are being set up that will deliver new solutions.  It will mean the shelves should be filled at your local retailers with solutions that offer WiMAX.  I am not sure that these devices are going to be the equivalent of DSL/Cable Modem router.

I think we are going to see more interesting solutions.  A great example of this view that Cisco has that Video is going to make 4G more compelling.  Cisco predicts that about 64% of the traffic by 2013.  For this to happen an expansion of devices that support video in a variety of ways will have to be prevalent.

Cisco's commercials show their Telepresence, Webex services, but the best may be the video connectivity which should include HD Video.

Apple vs. Palm Heats up.

June 11, 2009

Top Dog iPhone has gotten into a price war and the pr noise does not add up right to me at all.

First of all estimates are that the Palm PRE has sold less that 200,000 units, which is pretty amazing since the inventory is not there.  Go into any Sprint Store and you can hold one, talk about but you are told to go the web for documentation.

Mind you ATT did not do much better at supporting the iPhone when it came out.  The marketing power was all in hands of Apple. 

So the price drop did not make much sense to me, after all Apple was keeping the price high deliberately for awhile and blackberry was not acting like a spoiler either.  And of course the gPhone is still catching up to them.

So is the Palm Pre that good that is warrants a price drop? 

I think Jon Rubenstein's departure may be more likely reason for the drop.  Trendy people everywhere are pausing to think about the implications.  And there is always a desire for new embedded in trends.

Right now we are in a phase where the original iPhones are going up for a contract, and many people I know claim they are keeping the phone as an iTouch but switching to another service.

So is Sprint's ability to steal customers at this moment as threatening as it sounds.  I think the next two quarters should be interesting.  And as a man who owned palm pilots and handsprings for years, I am interested in the software side.

Ultimately a phone is a phone, the smart side is the soft side.

And I supposedly understand this Stuff - LNP

June 10, 2009

As I have written about before I am in the process of moving.  I am going to miss Sanibel. So I asked for an existing service to give me the old phone number on the existing phone.  However for the right price I would have been willing to pay for the existing number as well, just to be safe.

As any of us VoIP types know its possible to ring multiple devices.  For a Canadian carrier, at a previous job we had a service that dialed out with the caller id that was associated with local rate centers.

So when my provider told me, I could not keep both, I tried to find the root.

Here is the IM between my knowing friend and myself.

ME> Quick Question.

Friend> Ack ( Can you tell we talk alot of SIP between us :<)

ME> How come when I use LNP for my cell phone I am not allowed to keep the old one?  Is it tariff issue? Or, a rule at the LNP level?

Friend> Its not the technology ..did you change rate centers?

ME> I took the house number that i sold and made it wireless.  I was not allowed to keep the old wireless number.

Friend>  Becaused you moved? and changed carriers?

ME> yes

Friend> Thats it ..its not technical its political they still have the same BS rules for going out of rate centers for mobile that they have for landline.
If you had just ported land line to mobile bbut did not move It would have been OK

Me> Let me restate
I have a mobile number NNX-XXX-XXXX
I have a landline number NNX-XXX-XXXX
I sold the house with landline and ported it to the mobile.
but the mobile made me give up the existing mobile number that was part of the original service.

Friend> One number per device?
ME> That's what they are saying.  I cant keep both numbers on the device.

Friend> right ..thats it ..

ME>Now you and i know its technically easy
Friend> trival ..
ME>  Like Remote Call Forwarding [RCF].  I am wondering why they wont offer it?

Friend> Some GSM phone cannot deal with 2 numbers but the GSMA specs do call for I think seven.

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