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New Phones Apple pushes the competition around

June 23, 2009

Last week the iPhone 3GS was announced and Apple says they sold 1M. 

Comparing that to Sprint's PalmPre and T-Mobile G2 announcement its a winner.  However, Apple's efforts to steal the thunder obviously succeeded.

Having said that the front end loading has been pretty annoying.  Apple basically did not let those of us who had minor needs into the store in some areas they were so busy selling the 3GS.

Myself, I continue to try to recuperate from the disaster of losing my machine.  Having gotten different support from the Genius bar and the Apple Care line, I continue to find Apple a back end system disaster.

Call your cell phone operator and they have your history.  Call Apple its like your are a new customer every time.

Which make sense given any problem I talk to them about generates a reset.

For the Apple lovers of the world.  You are right to love their interfaces.  You can even love their customer care.  I do not.

One company they are not pushing around is RIM.  My next post will be why RIM is the real gorilla in the room.

Dear Apple, Calm down.

June 16, 2009

The new iPhone 3GS has been declared sold out by Apple as it continues to take orders.  Perhaps they have adopted the record industry method of counting retail inventory as sold rather than available.  Whatever is going on its a very disturbing methodology and perhaps is an over reaction to Rubenstein's defection to Palm. 

The company has been so good for so long making it look like Steve was in total control, the fact that the emperor's clothes are fraying right now is disturbing.

Everyone likes the new price points.  I myself and thinking of expanding my owner ship of Apple gear, (though my Linux gear is non-existent right now and Ubuntu would give me access to some interesting mobile OS strategies.)

But the issue is that Wall Street is playing with stock based on the chatter.  Watching CNBC I have gotten Apple advise every fifteen minutes (or at least it has felt that way).

I want to buy technology for its value to me, not based on artificial stock manipulation.  And as we know from Kramer's past, Apple is a darling to play with.  I am hoping that the noise out of Cupertino calms down soon.

Apple vs. Palm Heats up.

June 11, 2009

Top Dog iPhone has gotten into a price war and the pr noise does not add up right to me at all.

First of all estimates are that the Palm PRE has sold less that 200,000 units, which is pretty amazing since the inventory is not there.  Go into any Sprint Store and you can hold one, talk about but you are told to go the web for documentation.

Mind you ATT did not do much better at supporting the iPhone when it came out.  The marketing power was all in hands of Apple. 

So the price drop did not make much sense to me, after all Apple was keeping the price high deliberately for awhile and blackberry was not acting like a spoiler either.  And of course the gPhone is still catching up to them.

So is the Palm Pre that good that is warrants a price drop? 

I think Jon Rubenstein's departure may be more likely reason for the drop.  Trendy people everywhere are pausing to think about the implications.  And there is always a desire for new embedded in trends.

Right now we are in a phase where the original iPhones are going up for a contract, and many people I know claim they are keeping the phone as an iTouch but switching to another service.

So is Sprint's ability to steal customers at this moment as threatening as it sounds.  I think the next two quarters should be interesting.  And as a man who owned palm pilots and handsprings for years, I am interested in the software side.

Ultimately a phone is a phone, the smart side is the soft side.

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