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The Smart Approach: WiMAX Goes to College

A university campus prides in its cohesiveness, in its connectivity.  Campuses have always organized programs to bring their students together socially.  Now universities want to unify their students technologically.In the past, students were able to connect to the Internet in...

Alvarion Open Range Interview.

AlvarionOpenRange.mp3  Greg Daily, President of Alvarion, Inc and Ashish Sharma talk to me about the significance of the win with Open Range.Open Range intends to serve over 6 M in 17 states in the US.  This discussion looks at what...

Alvarion Scores $100 M WiMax Deal With Open Range

The press release just hit the Internets -- Alvarion's mysterious $100 million WiMax gear deal is with planned rural WiMax provider Open Range Communications, and not Clearwire as previously rumored.According to Ashish Sharma, Alvarion vice president for corporate market development...

Pareto Principle: Alvarion does not need Nortel

Am I reading this right?  Nortel contributed about 10% of the WiMAX sales?On a pareto principle view point, this was a good move for Nortel, and not much of a problem for Alvarion.Should be fun part of the discusssion during...

The Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable Bankrupt Nortel sheds WiMAX

I don't think this would be a sign of WiMAX's apocalypse. I instead see this as a prudent move on Nortel's part to emphasis the pieces of the solutions they own.
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