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Sprint Executives Resign From Clearwire Board Due to Anti-Trust Laws

The three Sprint (S) executives that were residing on the Clearwire(CLWR) board have resigned, leading many to question the stability of the company.

Is Clearwire on the Market

According the Wall Street Journal Dan Hesse the CEO of Sprint and two other execs have resigned from the board of Clearwire.This indicates some interesting issues as to why now.  Sprint owns 54% of Clearwire, but it does not have...

Ericsson Do You know What You Got? Sprint!

As usual, I have to start by admitting that I am a Dan Hesse fan and my bell head nature feels for the team at Sprint.The people who made this deal viable are long gone.  When the taffy pull of...

Jim Crowe and Dan Hesse

 The Wall Street Journal reported that Level 3 and Sprint are in talks. And while a lot of the commentary will be negative, I have to admit I think it is synergistic.First of all the realities; Level 3 had a head chopping...
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