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AirTime is Exactly What it Needs

The Deal Book in the NY Times shows that even startups with pedigrees have problems breaking out.  Airtime looks like a Google hangout upgrade. But at the end of the day, what is the driver for these things. It's one...

May I have your Attention, Please about Smartphones

The smartphone marketplace is heating up and its not just because Apple has the iTablet on the way.  The carriers are working hard to find the right device to catch the growing market, but I am not sure that anyone...

Mobile Social Applications: How Carriers Can Help the Conversation

The panel here at 4GWE on Mobile Social Applications picked up a theme from Brough Turner's earlier presentation -- that there is a big potential audience for applications that make use of mobile data owned by the provider, such as...

A Slow News Day, but not Inactive

I have a few blogs to post, but I am not sure the audience is here right now.  I was shocked to see how much noise was coming out of some of the previous posts.  I was talking to some...

Thinking About the Digits

I had a meeting yesterday talking about my favorite topic.  Identity.From the discussion of identity all sorts of issues swirl around in my brain, federation, interconnection and interoperability, the principles of end to end on the Internet and even IPv6.My...

Face(It)Book: Get Over It!

Sitting here waiting for my Penetration Testing class, I am reading a copy of MIT's Technology, particularly the Simson Garfinkel article regarding Facebook.It's a pretty good read and asks the interesting question?  Why are so many privacy advocates on Facebook?...
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