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No Degrees of Separation: SMS vs. Mobile IM

Some good friends and I keep a dialogue going about the industry.  We don't make public our views, so as to protect the people from being exposed with their views versus their consulting / job opportunities.A thread that I thought...

Devices What Catches your Eye!

I walked over to Best Buy with Rich Tehrani, as a result of the 99 cent promo for a Compaq netbook with Sprint service.  Counting the floor model which had to be initialized while we talked, they had 2 in...

Apple vs. Palm Heats up.

Top Dog iPhone has gotten into a price war and the pr noise does not add up right to me at all.First of all estimates are that the Palm PRE has sold less that 200,000 units, which is pretty amazing...

Anton Wahlman Guest Blog on the Palm Pre

I played with the Palm Pre for a few hours today, at two different Sprint Stores.  My review below is not a comprehensive review (go to and equivalent for that), but it does point out my observations and comparisons....

4G - Power Car

Have I mentioned, my obsession with battery.  I do not consider myself a hog on power, but my phones are constantly running out of battery.  Yesterday's trip did not have the blogging I expected, because it did not have the...

My GPhone gets a Needed Update

As the world continues to view the smartphone market as a battle between RIM and Apple, my T-Mobile Google phone is about to get an OS update that will bring on some new features. The update will also provide improvements...
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