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Not the Usual Suspects: The Road Block Ahead Audiocast

Audiocast: Come join the Conference Call The Roadblock Ahead:  FCC vs. Comcast  What's Next.     May 25, 2010 From 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT powered by Abstract:  As the US looks to redefine its National Broadband Policy the FCC...

As the Promoter for the Fight: I would like to get credit

Yesterday, we taxed the system of a friends conference server with a call about Net Neutrality.  It was covered by many other media outlets, which did not give us credit for the call.  It included Hank Hultquist of ATT, Todd...

Should the Universal Service Fund Include Wireless Broadband

In a panel discussion at 4G world the general opinion was that USF will be modified to include the ability to support wireless broadband strategies."Their is growing consensus that Universal Service should include wireless" said Hank Hultquist of ATT.  Many...
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