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Voice on 4G? Inevitable... But Not Anytime Soon

With back to back sessions this afternoon at the 4GWE Conference, it's tough to cram all this great info into short blog posts (but of course that won't stop us from trying). In a panel this afternoon about Giving Voice...

IMS - It Means SIP

Okay, the conversations today, are starting to freak me out.  While many declared IMS dead a while ago, the carriers are now ready to talk about SIP without mentioning IMS. For awhile it was stated that IMS was the way...

Revolt: IMS: Making Room for the Evolution

The Team of experts speaking on the Tuesday morning session have rewritten the Session Description to more accurately reflect their experience.Here is the new write up.The migration path for long-term evolution (LTE)  has several steps along the way. This session...
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