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Okay, First of all I admit I am a fan, but a frustrated one.Chairman Genachowski announced his staff.  Men and Women (many Harvard trained) that are willing to give themselves to public service.  Thank you all.So why I am frustrated. ...

The Dead Zone: The realities of Coverage

While roaming the Internet, looking for things to make my Blogging more interesting to you the reader, I came upon Jeff Cohn's Coverage maps.  I am sure you have seen the Verizon Dead Zone commercials.  Looking at Jeff's maps you...

Indirect Consequences - As the FCC settles down

Just got off a call on some hiring that I have been advising.  Its been since October and its somewhat political.  Why has it taken so long?  The beauty of Washington Politics is that the change or Parties at the...

All Glory is Fleeting- The Genachowski / McDowell Hearings

Finally the hearings happen, but what a strange love fest.   In some ways it reminds me of the old adage, everyone hates congress but loves their congressman (95% of the incumbents got reelected last election).Future Chairman Genachowski, was praised by...
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