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Web envy Google vs. Vodafone

At Mobile World Congress Vittiorio Colao the CEO of Vodafone made mention of the fact that regardless of what smart phone your were using over 80% of the time was using Google. This pointed to the latest love hate the...

LG Breaks the Categories, but not the model

"It's not a Femtocell!" Chris Zeigler at engadget took this picture and as asked what is this thing? If you live alone and you don't have to keep the family entertained.  Why have the Internet Access at the house and...

Peter MacKinnon, President of LG Nortel Gives us Perspective

I read an recent press release from LG Nortel and thought we might gain some understand by interviewing Peter MacKinnon, the Chairman of LG Nortel Ltd, and President of the LG Nortel BU. [CF] Is the LG Nortel relationship an entity...

LG Nortel OY!

I never know what to make out of a partnerships, so the announcement out of Finland that K&K is the partner for LG Nortel fiber optics left me asking more questions.First of all the positive side.  Nortel Enterprise has a...

Scenario Planning; If You Build It Will They Come?

"A sales guy is usually the last guy to call a downturn", is the quote from Dave Vellequette of JDS Uniphase in today's Journal as they discuss the value of scenario planning in a recession.I think all the carriers are...
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