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Apple you Win, I Bought the iTouch!

As my regular readers know, I am Apple user but not and Apple fan.As so many of my friends around me are using the iPhone and telling me how cool it is, while never making a call with it.  I...

Who is driving the Next Bus Verizon Wireless or Apple?

Last week while Verizon Wireless was trying to draw the attention of the developer community, the press was all a buzz about their relationship with Apple.The problem is two fold.  The first is that ATT is the only one allowed...

4G - Power Car

Have I mentioned, my obsession with battery.  I do not consider myself a hog on power, but my phones are constantly running out of battery.  Yesterday's trip did not have the blogging I expected, because it did not have the...

Massive Mobility Finally

Scott and I just had lunch and we were next to a Verizon Wireless store.  And we got to talking about Andy Abramson's blog about VZ's MiFi service.  My connectivity has been for S%^# for a while and these last...
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