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Net Neutrality

Senator Hutchison "The FCC does not have the mandate to regulate the Internet," The Congress needs to select who has the authority. This is a four hour battle on the congressional floor.

Regulatory 2.0 to be Streamed on Friday February 4, sign up now

Please press play, or copy the link below into your browser to view my message. by GoldMail...

As the Promoter for the Fight: I would like to get credit

Yesterday, we taxed the system of a friends conference server with a call about Net Neutrality.  It was covered by many other media outlets, which did not give us credit for the call.  It included Hank Hultquist of ATT, Todd...

All Glory is Fleeting- The Genachowski / McDowell Hearings

Finally the hearings happen, but what a strange love fest.   In some ways it reminds me of the old adage, everyone hates congress but loves their congressman (95% of the incumbents got reelected last election).Future Chairman Genachowski, was praised by...
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