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FanFare Software Interview with David Gehringer

This focus of capital equipment utilization has been coming but the economy is making this a laser focus right now.

Loosening the Focus - MiMO Channel Emulation

A few years back the dial up experience of the Internet made application delivery a troublesome experience.  Today with relatively small throughput in the way of access pipes, people have found applications relatively easy to get to without knowledge...

What does it say about Patents

My sense is that Adaptix has put itself in play with this patent lawsuit.

It Looks Good on PAPR.

Why did ATT commit to Verizon choose to use LTE for new nationwide 700 Mhz spectrum?  The answer is peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR), which is a measurement of a waveform, calculated from the peak amplitude of the waveform divided by...
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