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There is Something about a Tablet

Rich Tehrani was sitting with his wife and kids and his IPad at the lunch table.The discussion turned to why the IPad was acceptable at the lunch table while a laptop would not be.Here at Mobilize I am hearing the...

Devices What Catches your Eye!

I walked over to Best Buy with Rich Tehrani, as a result of the 99 cent promo for a Compaq netbook with Sprint service.  Counting the floor model which had to be initialized while we talked, they had 2 in...

Waxing, Waning, WiMAX

Rich has a great post on his blog about the Nokia 800 and it's WiMAX sister the 810.  These tablets were great little devices, and it's a shame that Nokia has moved away from the 810, but does that mean...

FCC Green-Lights Globalstar for Rural WiMAX

Rich Tehrani has a must-read post today about technology and the opportunity for an Obama administration to embrace tech like no previous administration. One of the things Rich highlights is Obama's pledge to maintain an open Internet and ensure that broadband...
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