Carl Ford : 4G Wireless Evolution
Carl Ford
| 4G is the next evolution in wireless technology. Discover how 4G will transform the wireless industry

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Does your 4G Device Communicate of Compute?

Does your 4G Device Communicate or Compute?(4G2-02) Tuesday - 09/01/09,  10:30-11:45amCell phones provide texting, email, browsing and picture taking capabilities. Many consumers think of their phone as a computer while the computer manufacturers see computing opportunities for mobile internet devices....

4GWE Speaker Bios

Anatoli Levine Director of Product Management - Americas RADVISION   Mr. Levine is currently Director of Product Management - Americas at RADVISION. He joined RADVISION in 1998 as a senior software engineer. From 1999 to 2008, Mr. Levine was...

Day 2 Architecture and Standards

Our Friends at Cisco love standards so much they adopt them all!  And contrary to popular belief that 4G will be a mass migration, I expect it will be adoption and adaptation of what standards fit best.  I think the...
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