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Bandwidth Update -- Towerstream Holding Strong

Here's another look at the WiMAX-fueled bandwidth we are enjoying here at the 4GWE conference -- thanks to Towerstream. (For clarity's sake Towerstream CEO Jeff Thompson said the 10 Mbps link is not "official" WiMAX but a proprietary Towerstream implementation......

The 4GWE Conference is Connected at 4G Speed -- Thanks Towerstream

This is how fast we are connected here at the LA Convention Center... thanks toa WiMAX link from Towerstream: ...

Towerstream Delivers 4G to 4GWE

I am sitting at the Staples Convention center on a 22 MB pipe reaching out to the world at a speed I can't replicate at my home, in the car, in the office.The reason is that Towerstream delivered a WiMAX...

Day 2 Architecture and Standards

Our Friends at Cisco love standards so much they adopt them all!  And contrary to popular belief that 4G will be a mass migration, I expect it will be adoption and adaptation of what standards fit best.  I think the...
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