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Missing the Point on e911

The Commission is rearranging the deck chairs on e911.First of all to their credit they want to improve accuracy of wireless services.  According the Chairman Genachowski over 50% of the e911 calls need better details.Then came examples of suggestions for...

Revolt: IMS: Making Room for the Evolution

The Team of experts speaking on the Tuesday morning session have rewritten the Session Description to more accurately reflect their experience.Here is the new write up.The migration path for long-term evolution (LTE)  has several steps along the way. This session...

Day 1: 4GWE Preview

Next week at this time, the discussions will be about the future of policy and protocols in wireless communications.Here is a preview of Monday's sessionsFanny Mlinarsky and Brough Turner will start our morning off with a historical discussion about the...

The Black President the White Space

Yesterday as the Wireless Innovation Alliance pointed out, there was more than one important vote.  Before Obama was elected President, the FCC unanimously approved the use of white space for wireless broadband.  As the President Elect looked forward to his...
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