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BOF: The New 4G: the FCC decision and use of White Spaces

On one of the mail lists I participate in the conversation has been intriguing about what technology is the right technology for TV White Space.  WiMAX, WiFi and LTE advocates which can normally find detante' showing different ecosystems.  The opportunity...

Should Cable even be in the 4G Discussion

A good friend who works with cable operators posed that question to me as we talked about the stimulus.  Right now I have been quiet about alot of this because the speculation has been more or less valuable.  The Stimulus...

The Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable Bankrupt Nortel sheds WiMAX

I don't think this would be a sign of WiMAX's apocalypse. I instead see this as a prudent move on Nortel's part to emphasis the pieces of the solutions they own.

Day 1: 4GWE Preview

Next week at this time, the discussions will be about the future of policy and protocols in wireless communications.Here is a preview of Monday's sessionsFanny Mlinarsky and Brough Turner will start our morning off with a historical discussion about the...

WhiteSpace LandGrab

When Google's Rick Whitt said that Whitespace is "WiFi on steroids" he may have been more prophetic than he realized. Following the FCC's approval of the use of Whitespace,  the debate over what standards should be developed and applied to...

Is Evolution just a slower form of Revolution?

Today's Wall Street Journal warns about the issues facing Clearwire in building out there nationwide network.  The question of their readily available of $3.2B capital and whether they will need to put in two or three more times that to...

White Space in the White Mountains

When you get away from the yellow spots on a map, the odds are likely you are going to be confronted with very little to watch on TV.    Three stations and one cable affiliate station does not make for a...
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