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Regulatory 2.0 to be Streamed on Friday February 4, sign up now

Please press play, or copy the link below into your browser to view my message. by GoldMail...

Open Letter to Congress (and Anyone Else)

Dear Senator/Congressman As you are aware the role of the FCC and the goal of providing a National Broadband Policy is very much in question and requires you guidance.  We believe the old models need to be rethought and we...

Your Huddle Masses Yearning to be Free

Fundamentally the world of packets changed the model of communications forever from one of accessing a stream to establishing a session.  Streams are continual and choose to use them to transport, while sessions are virtual and you create them and...

The Apple Google war may make ATT the Victim.

While the California Titans get into a contest of wills, ATT's congressional nemesis is looking to add to the battle.I have to say it's pretty amazing to me what Congress focuses on, but the letters from the FCC inquiring about...

Twenty Reasons to like RIM over Apple

Anton Wahlman, a good friend, who helps focus money and hedge bets, sent me this note.     1.      Blackberry is a fully encrypted military-grade secure platform, with 100% market share at FBI, CIA, White House, Congress, Department of Defense,...

All Glory is Fleeting- The Genachowski / McDowell Hearings

Finally the hearings happen, but what a strange love fest.   In some ways it reminds me of the old adage, everyone hates congress but loves their congressman (95% of the incumbents got reelected last election).Future Chairman Genachowski, was praised by...
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