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Its a MSlate vs iTablet

Microsoft made a lot of statements, but when it came to the term tablet, the lexicon changed.  They want to call it a Slate. , ...

Google vs. Apple

Google and Apple are vying for your attention today. If you are a carrier, your bed fellows are not staying the night! Google with the Nexus One announcement that is all about the Android operating system and not a carrier....

May I have your Attention, Please about Smartphones

The smartphone marketplace is heating up and its not just because Apple has the iTablet on the way.  The carriers are working hard to find the right device to catch the growing market, but I am not sure that anyone...

Bright Shiny Object - Death Star Apple Part 2

Of course, I would like to talk about Apple's FCC letter regarding GoogleVoice, but Steve Jobs is in the news with the iTablet.  So the distraction has worked. The iTablet is probably not a netbook strategy, but a MAC that supporting...

Who is driving the Next Bus Verizon Wireless or Apple?

Last week while Verizon Wireless was trying to draw the attention of the developer community, the press was all a buzz about their relationship with Apple.The problem is two fold.  The first is that ATT is the only one allowed...
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