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Peter MacKinnon, President of LG Nortel Gives us Perspective

I read an recent press release from LG Nortel and thought we might gain some understand by interviewing Peter MacKinnon, the Chairman of LG Nortel Ltd, and President of the LG Nortel BU. [CF] Is the LG Nortel relationship an entity...

Wireless Backhaul is Fiber?

Our pal Gary Kim highlighted up the In-Stat report on Wireless Backhaul.  Its an interesting report and helps to show some segmentation in the marketplace.  For Verizon the LTE build out has them moving as much as possible to fiber...

4Gee - What happened to Nortel?

The road ahead is not as clear cut as people would like to make it.  Case in point is Nortel.  The 3GPP type assets were sold to Nokia Siemens Networks.Previously the WiMAX side of the shop was scuttled.So what does...

Wireless Backhaul LTE - Lots of Transport Equipment

Susan Campbell in her discussion of LTE brought up some of the realities we are facing as Verizon leads the pack of deployers.  The cell sites are probably going to increase as the deployment will show the realities of IP...
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