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Pole Attachments 101: Even for Wireless we need them

Aug 18th Audio Conference 12 EST 9AM PST   "Pole Attachments" have different meanings each section of the telecommunications, cable, wireless, and broadband industries. Some consider the topic boring and unimportant. But the FCC does not see it that way...

Not the Usual Suspects: The Road Block Ahead Audiocast

Audiocast: Come join the Conference Call The Roadblock Ahead:  FCC vs. Comcast  What's Next.     May 25, 2010 From 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT powered by Abstract:  As the US looks to redefine its National Broadband Policy the FCC...

Just in Time For Mobile World Congress

Supercomm was cancelled for 2010.  While it would interesting to talk about this from the conference side, I will make the assumption that other people will take that opportunity and try to talk about it from a different perspective.CES was...

Your Huddle Masses Yearning to be Free

Fundamentally the world of packets changed the model of communications forever from one of accessing a stream to establishing a session.  Streams are continual and choose to use them to transport, while sessions are virtual and you create them and...
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