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A Web Site To Diffuse Road Rage

March 31, 2005

When it comes to driving, I'll admit it...I cannot keep my cool. But I'm a defensive road rager, not an offensive road rager. I only get angry and vocal when people do things to me...I'm not the sort of rampaging asshole who cuts you off, then flips YOU the finger (for, apparently, objecting to his or her behavior or maybe for just being there in the first place.)

Connecticut is a hot spot for aggressive drivers, along with its neighbors New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts (it can't be a secret that people from Connecticut refer to Massachusetts drivers as "Massholes," but we are truly a pot calling a kettle black.) We don't realize how bad things are here until we go on business trips to places like Nebraska or Iowa, where people are nice to each other on the road and actually observe road signs and rules.

But now, I want to move to Washington State. Why? Washington State, I have recently become aware, has a special Web site you can visit to report aggressive drivers ( Not only is there space for you to describe the offending car or cars and their license plates, but there's a free-form space in which you can vent. ("Brief description of activities observed.") I wonder whose job it is to read those letters. Whoever the poor sod is, I hope he/she has access to therapy. Forty hours a week of reading rants like the kind I can produce when I get cut off by someone driving an aircraft-carrier-sized SUV who is chatting on a cell phone, swerving between lanes, sipping a Starbucks and driving at erratic speeds.


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  1. RE: A Web Site To Diffuse Road Rage
    Rob :

    Monkey Meter is the best road rage site. They actually forecast road rage. Here is a link:

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