Temperature Monitoring Solutions with Remote Humidity Sensors

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Temperature Monitoring Solutions with Remote Humidity Sensors

Generally I write about NetFlow solutions but, today I’ve got temperature monitoring solutions on my mind for a data center we use that requires remote humidity sensors or electronic hygrometer equipment.   Server room monitoring isn’t something I consider my forte but, it seemed I couldn’t avoid getting involved with this project.

Water Leak Alarm

Normally electronic professionals are concerned about humidity in that, they don’t want to see the room to dry.  Locally, we monitor our server room humidity with a simple appliance that can take inputs from multiple environmental sensors.   Since the initial purchase we have added smoke detection sensors, temperature monitors and a few others. A water sensor was the most recent investment.  Apparently one of our technicians felt that we needed some type of water leakage monitor as well.  Are we really worried about a flood on the 2nd story of a building?  No, we aren’t but, we are concerned about air conditioner or ceiling leaks. 

temperature monitoring solutions

A New Career

Who is responsible for this new web based temperature monitoring, humidity sensoring, smoke detecting, etc. etc. system?  Should we give it to the server guy?  How about the network guy or maybe the phone system guy?  Everyone seems to agree that we need to monitor these things however, no one wants to take on the additional work!

I think it is interesting that our network monitoring solution now encompasses items such as temperature and remote humidity sensors.

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