Cisco AVC Webcast - Future Proof your Network

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Michael Patterson
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Cisco AVC Webcast - Future Proof your Network

Last month I co-hosted a webcast with Liad Ofek, Technical Marketing Manager at Cisco on the topic of Application Visibility and Control (AVC). It was one of our most successful webcasts ever and it is now available to those who couldn’t make the event.

The introduction of Application Visibility and Control (AVC) made me realize that these are exciting times for Cisco powered networks. Most of us have come to expect technologies to improve our lives with small marginal improvements over time.  We are always trudging ahead so to speak – to make things better.  Every once in a while something in a particular industry happens that truly leads to big improvements on an order of magnitude that allows us to solve problems faster - easier.  This is how I feel about AVC.

AVC Services a Changing Landscape
The advances that Cisco AVC provides us to make our networks more resilient to obstacles like ‘slowness’ could be just in time.  The use of cloud services is increasing, the introduction of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) is growing and video on mobile devices is expected to explode.


CIOs will be working with IT to make sure business applications get the priority bandwidth they need to sustain revenue generating operations. To meet this objective, Cisco AVC provides a suite of services that greatly enhances unified visibility and control.  To help maximize the financial return on AVC deployments, Cisco is working with vendors such as Plixer.  

Cisco AVC Webcast
Plixer is  a Cisco Developer Partner that offers a network monitoring solution called Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer.  Recently, Plixer completed the Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) process to acquire Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) certification. To demonstrates Plixer's leadership in the NetFlow and IPFIX community and their innovation in AVC, Cisco and Plixer are participating in a joint webcast titled:

Cisco AVC Flow Exports turn Routers into Security Surveillance Solutions

Attendees will learn:

•    The Benefits Cisco AVC brings to cloud applications
•    Hardware platforms it is available on
•    Network performance monitoring using Cisco AVC
•    Network Surveillance and Threat Investigation using Cisco AVC

Forensic Investigation
Cisco AVC exports provide richer contextual details on the flows that are servicing the business applications. With AVC, Cisco customers gain tremendous insight from advanced flow details such as application round trip time, NBAR, packet loss, retransmits, jitter, HTTP host and dozens of other granular metrics.  These new flow measurements help admins more quickly isolate and address slowness problems and on the forensic investigation front, AVC can also assist with investigating cyber threats and related forms of malware. Now more than ever before, Cisco AVC allows consumers to leverage routers and switches as security surveillance cameras.


If you want to learn more, sign up for the webcast and learn how the exportation of Cisco AVC metrics can turn preexisting routers into forensic investigation appliances for both application issues and cyber threats.

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